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Digital Marketing is Changing, But Are You?
In these rapidly changing times the marketer who has done his homework wins.
In the old days Indian warriors would follow herds of buffalo to keep their tribes fed. Today, marketers who know  where customers are spending their  budget have the biggest businesses.
According to, a leader in marketing trend research, for the first time in history the Internet will become the largest advertising channel in 2017.
This makes 2017 a historic year for digital marketers, and means massive opportunity is available.
Now You Can Have Aces Up Your Sleeve...
Instead of you having to scour the Internet we've done the work for you. We've put together the worlds best instructors and had them create masterclasses on the top 5 paid traffic channels of 2017.
We also update our courses monthly. Meaning, you only pay once and you're always up-to-date on what's working now. With our courses you will be the most prepared marketer in 2017. 

Learn Pro Level Strategies For The Top 5 Ad Networks of 2017 & Crush The Competition

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Dustin Ellard
Student of Bulletproof Twitter Ads
I liked how you get the walk through of the Twitter Advertising system and then she takes you into the advertising platform and goes through setting up a campaign which helps tie it all together. Also showing good ads and bad ads was useful to get some ideas.
Ashley Jessen
Student Of Bulletproof FB Ads
Justin's FB course was very comprehensive but easy to follow along. Justin and team went into a lot of detail. It really is an over-the-shoulder look at what needs to be done and how to do it properly. The section on lookalike audiences and how to measure were well done too. Highly recommend.
How to create landing pages your customers love, and Google accepts without harming your brand or tanking your sales. Fail to do this, and you’ll pay a lot more for clicks than you have to
How to setup your account for effortless growth. Plus, the two “hidden” settings you need to turn off to avoid blowing through your budget in the blink of an eye
How to select, group, and bid on your keywords to get cheap leads. Even if it seems like a nightmare now, once you see this video you’ll laugh at how easy it actually is
How to create ads that “follow” your best prospects around the web. Multiple exposures are the key to getting your service into their headspace. Here’s how to do it in a way that won’t break the bank
How to analyze Google’s data to squeeze even higher performance out of your campaigns. Knowing this, you won’t have to start over from scratch if a campaign fails at first.

Bulletproof Adwords Ads:






How often do you update courses?
Will your courses work with affiliate products?
Our courses are designed for product owners or employees of product owners.

As an affiliate, you could still learn a lot about how to create great ad campaigns, but you won't find any information specific to managing campaigns for affiliate offers. 


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I have just gone through the first few videos and it already is so powerful. This is the difference between learning from a pro and from someone who talks theory. DMBI has delivered big time. Highly recommended. Sri Vishwanath

"99% of people don't market in the actual year we are living in" 

- Best Selling Author, Gary Vaynerchuk

Where Should You Focus Your Efforts In 2017...
You don't need to guess what's working and what is not.
Companies such as Forrester Research, eMarketer, and MarketingCharts have already done the hard work for us.
They have surveyed thousands of business owners. They have combed through all the financial data and pulled out clear winners.
Based on these reports, here is where the most money will be made...
The Top 5 Paid Traffic Channels for 2017
  1. Google Adwords
  2. Facebook/Instagram Ads
  3. Google Display Network
  4. Twitter Ads
  5. Youtube Ads

If you're running ads for yourself or clients in 2017, these 5 ad networks will be your bread and butter.

It only makes sense then, that this is where you should invest all your energy learning, testing, and perfecting. It is these 5 ad networks that will make you the most money in 2017. 

Go Beyond The Basics & Learn Pro Level Strategies For These 5 Ad Networks...

What is the best way to master these?

  • Blog posts
  • Webinars
  • Courses

There are a lot of great blogs out there. When it comes to free, you can't beat a good blog post. But, finding the good ones takes a lot of time.

Webinars, can also be great for learning. They too are often free, but is also why they usually are sales pitches designed as content. Often leaving you wondering if it was biased info???

Courses cost money, but they have all the strengths of blogs and webinars without their downsides.

Mark Cuban even said in an interview "books give you the greatest return on your investment." Too bad there aren't updated books for 2017 tactics yet.

But THERE ARE courses with 2017 tactics...

You can take a course on marketing for a few hundred dollars and end up making thousands, even tens of thousands from it.

Data from study

Digital Media Buyers Institute has a zero questions asked refund policy.

If for any reason you’re not absolutely satisfied with your customer experience or the information we provide – or if you decide that the program turns out not a good fit for you – simply send an email to within 30 days of receipt, and your entire purchase price will be promptly refunded.

We've been creating online courses for 12 years and 96% of our customers have never asked for a refund. Customers love our courses, but sometimes it's not a good fit so we happily offer refunds in those rare cases.

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12 Years Experience In Online Course Creation Makes Our Courses Top Notch

Steve Gerencser
Student of Bulletproof FB Ads
I've been running Facebook ads for years and assumed that this course would just be a confirmation of things I already knew, but it was so much more.  After seeing Justin's process I no longer think that and am going to back to re-do many of my campaigns. 
Sri Vishwanath
Student of Bulletproof GDN Ads
Very Nice. Worth every dollar! I have just gone through the first few videos and it already is so powerful. This is the difference between learning from a pro and from someone who knows it theoretical. Justin has delivered big time. Highly recommended
Alejandro Reyes
Student of Multiple DMBI Courses
I used what I learned from Justin to take my company's lead gen from 1000 leads per month to now over 15,000 leads per month.
Jack Fitzgerald
Student of Bulletproof GDN Ads
This was really great, it was exactly what I was looking for! I like that you get to the point, no fluff and bullshit. So many people spend time on the crap like how to register an account with the network, people who have some experience like me just want the good stuff that helps you level up.


Our courses are updated as the networks change.  Our goal is to update courses when a network changes it's features within 60 days of the new change. This gives us time to use the new features and update the courses with best practices. 



Do you offer refunds if I'm unsatisfied?
Our goal is to ensure all our customers are satisfied with the course content, but more importantly improving your campaign results. If for any reason you’re not absolutely satisfied simply send an email to our support within 30 days of purchase, and your entire purchase price will be promptly refunded. Our support email is info[at] – We reply to all emails within 24 hours M-F between the hours of 9am - 5pm EST.


Once you complete your registration all of your courses will be avalable in the members area. Most courses are in video format and are accompanied by checklists and workbooks. All course content are easily accessed in all devices (mobile, tablet, and desktop). Courses also work on both Mac and PC computers.

Meet Your Instructors...

Juan Martitegui built MindValley Hispano into a 7 figure business that has more than a million subscribers.
He's your instructor for Bulletproof Adwords Ads
Mike Williams is a conversion specialist. He's helped businesses like KISSmetrics, AWeber, Neil Patel, Noah Kagan, and Ramit Sethi grow their revenue through conversion optimization.
He's your instructor for Bulletproof Adwords Ads.
John Belcher is a former Googler with direct experience building Adwords, Youtube, and Analytics products during his time at Google.
He's your instructor for Bulletproof Youtube Ads
Mike Hardenbrook built into a 7 figure marketplace and is also co-founder of GrowthHackerTV.
He's your instructor for Bulletproof Direct Buys & Landing Pages
Justin Brooke built IMScalable into a 7 figure ad agency with clients such as GKIC, DigitalMarketer, StansberryResearch, and many more.
He's your instructor for Bulletproof FB Ads, GDN Ads, Twitter Ads, and Native Ads.
As you can see, all of our instructors have deep experience in the trenches DOING what they teach. These are not marketing gurus, these are the marketing do-ru's.
You would be smart to invest a little time and money to learn their methods.
How to create a bulletproof workflow for managing Facebook ad campaigns so that you get the same or similar results with every campaign

Bulletproof FB Ads:

A proven system for creating ads for multiple types of campaigns including the images you should use, how to enhance the images for more clicks, and how to write better ad copy
How to identify low performing ads, how to optimize them for better performance, and how to avoid creating bad ads all together
Advanced bidding strategies and how to structure your campaigns/ad sets to get positive ROI as quickly as possible
A 3 phase process for taking new campaigns from “testing the market” through “scaling sales volume” safely and effectively so that they are happy with your results
Discover how to profitably tap into the LARGEST source of quality online traffic on planet earth!

Bulletproof GDN Ads:

The 30/60/90 day day plan that will give you the ability to launch, optimize and scale your campaigns to new heights. 
How to safely scale your campaign spending. And what to do when your results start to slow down.
Specific campaign settings that will help you maximize your ad budget and eliminate wasteful spend. 
Amazingly simple, effective techniques for writing copy that will speak directly to your market. And images that will grab them by the eyeballs.
The two types of YouTube ads (and where you should begin when you’re just getting started)

Bulletproof Youtube Ads:

Access to my YouTube Ad Example Library, which you can use for inspiration from other highly successful ads
Exactly how you should “trim the fat” from your campaigns so you can scale up while maintaining your ROI
The tools I use to create professional-looking, high-converting ads... These work even if you’re terrible on video, and even if you don’t even own a camera
6 rules for constructing your targeting plan, starting with the super-niche and progressing to fully scaled
In-depth overview of the types of Twitter ads and when to choose them for your campaigns. Plus, the images you should use and how to enhance the images for more clicks

Bulletproof Twitter Ads:

Rookie Mistakes & how you can avoid them... miss these and you can kiss ROI good bye
A 3 phase process for taking new campaigns from “testing the market” through “scaling sales volume” safely and effectively so that they are happy with your results
Over-the-shoulder walk through of how to setup a twitter ad campaign - including all the options you should and shouldn’t use
A bulletproof workflow for creating and launching Twitter ad campaigns so that you get the same or similar results with every campaign
How to grab the reader’s attention and disarm them so they’ll click through to your offer

Bulletproof Native Ads:

We Spent $30,000 Testing Blog Layouts. Here's What We Found...
Where To Spend Your Money & How Much Should You Spend When Launching New Content Campaigns
The 3,000 Year Old Persuasion Framework For Creating Content That Sells
Real Life Case Studies & Examples of Successful Native Ad Campaigns
How To Reverse Engineer Already Successful Campaigns So You Can Skip The Trial And Error of Bad Messaging & Bad Ads
How Native Ads Increases your Google Rankings, Sales, & Makes You Popular On Social Media
Discover how the pro's use one of the oldest most lucrative forms of online advertising

Bulletproof Direct Buys:

Revealed inside are the tools and processes Mike uses to find online "honey holes" where your ads run uncontested by competitors like a digital oil well that pumps cash out for you 24/7
A blueprint for creating winning ads on command
The real value is learning from the mistakes Mike has made, so that you don't make these costly mistakes also
Save money on every click by cutting out the middleman ad networks so you can pocket their profits instead
Go beyond squeeze pages and learn how to pro's create high converting landing pages

Bulletproof Landing Pages:

To an online advertiser there is no more critical skill than landing page optimization and in this course you are getting a masterclass in this skill
Discover a framework Mike uses that gets results and then use that framework for your own results
Learn from examples good and bad in this course so you can identify when your own pages are good and bad
Mike teaches much more than a template, he teaches you why the template works so that you can become the template maker
If you buy the courses separately they are $99 each.
Today you are getting a chance to buy 8 courses for a fraction of what it would cost to purchase them all.
If you bought all 8 courses it would ding your card for a whopping $792. When you buy the bundle, it's only $249. That makes each course only about $62 instead of $99.
Obviously, this is a massive savings. Why would we do this?
It's simple math really. If you only buy one course we still pay the same in marketing costs to sell that one course as we do with the bundle. However, the bundle gives us a higher profit margin.
The higher margin, allows us to give you the massive savings. You win by getting a better deal, we win by getting better margins, the instructors still get paid, everybody wins when you purchase the bundle.
Buy the bundle today and have peace of mind that you're all set on training for the entire year. No more courses needed, just this one time investment and you're solid.
Plus, our courses are updated monthly as we said, so this means you're covered on all 8 courses. No more having to buy another course 3-6 months later to stay updated.
Buy now, save big, and don't worry about needing training for a looooong time.
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